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Darkov Spa is situated in the north-eastern region of the Czech Republic, in the centre of Europe. Darkov Spa consists of two health resorts: Darkov Health Resort and Rehabilitation Sanatorium, both of which are located in the town of Karviná.

Thanks to the top quality treatment that is based on the exceptional natural resource of the iodine-bromine water, with its high content of iodine, and the professional approach of our personnel and the high quality of complementary services, Darkov Spa is ranked as one of the most popular spas.

Not only do Czech clients visit Darkov Spa, but also a large number of foreign clientele from all around the world, for instance from Russia, Poland, Italy, France, Germany, Slovakia, Canada, and the USA amongst others, not forgetting our clients from the Arabian countries that we have been treating for more than 15 years.
Darkov Spa welcomes almost 13,000 clients every year, clients who arrive here to recover from their afflictions of the locomotive organs, neurological and other diseases. Furthermore, there is a numerous group of spa guests who perceives this curative stay as the perfect time for rest and relaxation, and they make use of the offer of our short-term stays.
Here you will find an integrated review of all the services and activities that you can use in your leisure time when visiting Darkov Spa. Are you a lover of culture and social life, or do you prefer to exhaust yourself through sports activities? Each of you will come into your own here.
Sports at Darkov Spa
If you prefer active relaxation, you have at your disposal here a wide range of possibilities in which to test your body. Here you can see a review of the sport activities that are available directly at the spa. Further sports facilities are available in the city of Karviná and its surroundings.
Darkov Health Resort
Bikes hire, tennis, volleyball, chess, swimming, Fitness, walks
Rehabilitation Sanatorium
Bikes hire, tennis, volleyball, swimming, Fitness, walks, table tennis, billiards, skittles, sauna, petanque
Culture and entertainment
Our clients can choose from the full range of cultural programmes that are regularly prepared by the spa employees, amongst which are dancing evenings, recital evenings, trips to surroundings of the town and farther destination, organizing of festivals, gastronomy, spectaculars and other events, cinema and theatre performances, concerts in both the town and neighbouring area.
Spa park
Established in 1900, the extensive and well-kept spa park recreates the atmosphere of a real spa.
Plenty of centennial trees with ragged crowns offer pleasant shade, whilst walking the long paths and benches provide everyone with a rest and are a favourite destination of the spa`s clients and other guests. The spa park smoothly leads into the castle park which surrounds the historical centre of the town of Karviná.
Restaurants and coffee-bars
Darkov Spa has a number of restaurants, coffee-bars and confectioneries at its disposal, with pleasant seating areas, where you may use the moments between procedures to relax, or to come with your friends and share a glass of excellent Moravian wine.
Additional services
Darkov Spa has an advanced network of the additional services that are very easily accessible, directly in the area of the spa, and which will make your stay more comfortable. Among these services are:
City information centre
Laundry and washing
Iron rent
Post office
Nail studio
Exchange office
Cash dispenser

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