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The dawn of the city of Teplice is linked to its mineral springs. Knowledge of healing springs in the Teplice valley dates back approximately 2000 years, which is documented by archaeological findings of Roman coins in the Pravřídlo (Primary Hot Spring) and 2000-year old Celtic coins and jewellery in the Giant Spring near Duchov. The Antique tradition of giving thanks to the healing power of mineral springs by throwing coins or other gifts into the spring has proven that the Teplice springs are among the longest known and intensively utilised springs in Central Europe.

Historical knowledge of the early Middle Ages mentions Slavonic settlements in the area and foundation of the Benedictine Monastery of St. John the Baptist, initiated by Queen Judith.In the centuries that followed, the use of the Teplice Spa increased and the City grew hand in hand.

The 16th century with its great development of balneology is an important period for Teplice. The first spa houses are established near the Pravřídlo (Primary Hot Spring), distinguished guests arrive with numerous convoys and life in the spa is freshened by a lively social and cultural spirit. Teplice goes through an economic boom and transforms from a sleepy town into a centre with an exceptional clientele.

From the second half of the 18th century, the Teplice city and spa are linked to a new noble family, the Clary – Aldringens, who gained the estate after the murder of Vilem of Vchynice and Albrecht of Wallenstein. It was this noble family that is credited for development of the spa and the entire city. During their leadership, the spa became known worldwide and famous around Europe. New spa buildings were constructed, parks were expanded and the city was visited by exceptional clients, such as monarchs like Czar Peter I in the autumn of 1712 or Saxon Electors who continued to visit the spas shortly after the end of the Thirty Years War, and renowned scientists and philosophers such as G.W.Leibnitzand others.

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