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Resort Jachimov is a small cozy town located on the Southern slope of Krushny (Ore) mountains, 20 km from Кarlovy Vary and 150 km from Prague, at height of 650 meters above sea level. This place is unique owing to not only a plenty of the minerals found here (about 230 different kinds), but mainly due to presence of powerful underground thermal sources.

The health spa jointstock company, called „Léčebné lázně Jáchymov, a.s. ”, has been in existence for over 10 years now. It is just a fraction of time compared to the nearly hundred- year tradition of the spa practice in Jáchymov and to several centuries of human knowledge of the radon waters’ healing effect. Recent tradition for theJáchymov Spa is the medical approach to the spa care and also the excellent level of board and accommodation services. Such tradition is a commitment and we truly do all we can to further improve and exceed these values.

The Jáchymov Spa has an outstanding position in the treatment of locomotory system illnesses due to the basic treatment instrument - the radon mineral waters. This natural treatment medium with high content of radioactive gas radon, a source of soft alpha rays, has a strong overall influence on human body. Just the treatment in the form of overall baths has a clear anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect and brings patients long-term pain relief.

The radon baths apparently improve the mobility of joints, raise the immunity of the body, rectify the blood pressure values and promote the blood circulation. The 20-minute baths are administered in the temperature of 35 - 37 °C, with the ideal radon concentration of 4,000 - 4,500 Bq/l. Eighteen baths is the minimum number to reach the therapeutic effect; the maximum number of baths per stay is 24. The isothermic temperature of the baths allows for treatment even to elderly clients and to patients with cardiovascular ailments.

A very important part of the treatment programme is the active rehabilitation care, administered by trained physiotherapists following the most recent methods. In addition, several kinds of hydrotherapy, physical therapy and various types of massage are used. For patients with severe affliction of the locomotive system there is the brachyradium therapy, a special radiation therapy called also the „Jáchymov Boxes”. It is the minimal anti-inflammatory and analgesic dose of gamma rays, the source of which are the radium salts. It is administered to patients with indication only once per stay, lasting 6 – 10 hours in a special bed ward.

Throuhout their stay the patients are in care of their doctor of medicine - a specialist in balneology and therapeutic rehabilitation. After the check in medical examination, according to need accompanied with other lab tests, x-rays and function testing, the doctor determines an individual treatment plan. The patient is invited to regular medical check-ups. Should any complication arise, a non-stop medical and nurse service is available. 

We also perform medical specialist consultations with the internist, surgeon, orthopaedic specialist, neurologist and ORL specialist. An integral part of the therapy is a quality diet system, health education and cultural and social pastime, which have a positive influence on the patient’s state of mind. Such complete spa therapy, the basis of which is the radon bath, results in remarkable relief of patient’s medical problems lasting several months, reduction in the drug treatment dosing and thus overall improvement in the quality of life.

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