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"I have travelled through the whole India, Ceylon, all spa places of Europe, but nowhere was I so spellbound as by the poetry of beautiful nature as here in Mariánské Lázně."
English king Edward VII., 1907

Mariánské Lázně is doubtlessly one of the most charming spa places in the Czech Republic. The spa history is not long but for that, all the more interesting. In the place, where in the 18th century it was still dominated by swamps and impenetrable forests, the elegant town, with modern buildings and of large public interest, originated.

The spa atmosphere at the turn of the 19th century has stayed conserved until today. You can taste its atmosphere in the section: Fragments and news items.

Mariánské Lázně has nowadays returned to the spa and tourism industry as its dominant, and due to preserving the unique natural conditions, there has been limited industrial production.

The town offers to its visitors numerous options for sport and cultural fulfilment.

The first physical training organisation in Mariánské Lázně was founded in 1883 but a long time before that various sports such as horse ridding, hiking and pistol shooting were held here.

During the season there are held regular concerts, which sweeten the stays for spa guests, on the spa colonnade.

A traditional part of cultural life in Mariánské Lázně has also become the annual spa season opening combined with the blessing of the springs, which is carried out in the second weekend in May.

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