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Address: Staryj Arbat, House 35, Moscow






Tel.:     007 499 248 68 48
           007 499 248 06 02
Mobil.: 007 926 228 49 82 
           007 499 408 66 18

SKYPE: astra-moskva-nonna

ICQ: 251627185

ICQ: 419380241

Our Moscow office is situated in Moscow, on Maly Nikolopeskovsky lane, Stary Arbat, building 3, not far from the Vahtangov`s Theatre. There we will offer you rest and medical treatment at any sanatorium or hotel at any Czech resort. We will arrange any Czech direction in accordance with your desire! We will obtain for you a visa and medical insurance, we will book plain or train ticket. We will order for you a convenient transfer from airport or railway station to the reserved hotel. Our professional drivers will meet you with the yellow tablet ASTRA, drive you to the hotel, accompany to the reservation, and at the departure day they will come for you at the predetermined time and drive you to the airport or the railway station. We will offer you a big set of excursions around Czechia. We will arrange a car rent on the territory of Czech Republic. You will be able to get the car right at the airport or it will be delivered to your hotel on the appointed date according to your desire.


And – the most important... only with us you will get the lowest prices!
We will offer you a perfect rest in the Czech Republic!