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How can I order a stay and treatment in the Czech Republic?

You can buy stay in the Czech Republic from ASTRA at our representative office in Moscow or at a wide network of tourist agencies in CIS, Europe, Israel, USA. If you want to order accommodation and treatment in the Czech Republic at our central office in Karlovy Vary, you may call or send an inquiry by fax or by e-mail. For these purposes you need to inform us of:
  • your name and surname;
  • arrival time and period of stay;
  • chosen hotel or cathegory of a hotel - we will offer you some choices;
  • if you wish to buy accommodation and board with treatment at once (we advice you to do so) or it is enough for you to buy only accommodation and breakfast;
  • your telephone / fax number or e-mail.

During the same day you will get a concrete offer.
Attention! We send answers only in written form, that’s why your fax number or e-mail is essencial for us!

In what period of time beforehand is it better to book a stay?
I am glad that you know that Czech resorts work all the year round. Don’t forget that time for reservation is determined by the time of obtaining a visa. It is optimally to order the stay two or at least one and a half months before your supposed arrival.

Is it necessary to have a visa for a stay in the Czech Republic?
Yes. Our representative office in Moscow or our partners in business will easily help you to obtain a visa in the shortest terms.

What is necessary to obtain a visa?
Foreign passport must be valid for at least 90 days (starting from the day of departure from the Czech Republic), 2 color photographs for documents (without corners and stamps), filled in form (or inform us of your data).

Why is it necessary to have a medical insurance in the Czech Republic?
In case of injuries or other health complications you can go to polyclinic or clinic. After you receive medical care you need insurance policy while the documents are drawn up. In order to return the money you will produce cheques paid for medical care to your insurance company after you come back.

How will I get from the airport or station to my sanatorium?
ASTRA tours include meeting and send-off by private transport or comfortable minibuses (at your choice group or individual transfer). We always meet our guests with bright-yellow tablet «АSTRA».«Transfer»

Is there Astra`s representative office in Russia?
Our company representative office is situated at the following address: Staryi Arbat, Malyi Nikolopeskovsky lane, b.3 (near the E. Vahtangov`s theatre) Phone, fax: 007 095 291 19 14, 007 095 241 28 34 mobile phone.: 8 926 228 49 82, e-mail: ruastra@turandot.ru
There are many partner companies in Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Nobosibirsk, Omsk, Kaliningrad’s region and besides in Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Georgia, Ukrain, Israel, USA and in Western Europe`s countries. Unfortunately, it is impossible to list all of our partner companies. There are a lot of large and small companies starting their business. We are glad to cooperate with all of our partners and we appreciate all of them equally!
When you order your tour at the place of your residence, find out which company will meet you in the Czech Republic. It certainly have to be ASTRA!

Where is it better to exchange currency?
You will be offered currency exchange right at the airport. DON’T HURRY! Almost everyone knows that in Karlovy Vary exchange rate is better, and in Astra’s exchange offices it is always HIGHER. Monetary unit in the CR is czech crown, 1 crown = 100 gellers. Exchange rate of crown to dollar in 1999 – 33 crowns, in 2000 – 36 crowns, in 2001 – 37 crowns, 2002 – 30 crowns, in 2003 – 26 crowns, in 2004 – 25 crowns, in 2005 – 24 crowns. We advice you to exchange currency only at official institutions, not at the street!

Is it possible to pay with a credit card for the stay and for different services of your company?
Yes, you can pay with credit cards: Euro card, Visa card, Master-card, American-Express.

Please advise me how to get a medical care at a moderate price? Now I am a pensioner,  I visited Czechia 20 years ago.
I advise you to come from the 15th November till the 28th February (excluding Christmas and New Year) in winter season. Otherwise you will have a chance to save your money if you order non expensive sanatorium 3* with fullboard and treatment. There can be different choices. ASTRA will find you an optimal variant of accommodation and treatment.

What is usual weather at the resort?
There is mountain mild climate and changeable weather. In the mornings and evenings it is usually colder at any season, but the nature is wise and any weather combining with treatment procedures are wholesome for patients. If you want to know the last news about the temperature, call us or ask ASTRA´s agent.

What does complex treatment set include?

  • primary medical examination
  • laboratory research
  • 2-3 procedures daily
  • water course prescription
  • check and final medical examination.

This is standard set, but any patient can buy any additional procedures according to resort doctor’s advice.

Why it is not possible to get any procedures I would like?
There is a group of procedures free to buy and a group of procedures provided on doctor’s prectiption.

If I stay at the hotel and not at sanatorium can I receive treatment?
Yes, of course. In Karlovy Vary there are some centres as Lazne 3, Lazne 5, Aura Palace, Zamecke Lazne, Arfa center, where you can receive procedures. In Aura Palace Sanatorium there is a skilled expert in nontraditional treatment and diagnostics methods, you can make an appointment with him.

My mother is on wheelchair. Is it possible for her to stay and receive treatment?
Yes, ASTRA’s drivers will meet you at the airport on specially adjusted car and will attentively accompany and help you.
Choose the best sanatorium in resort walking area. The conditions for accommodation and treatment for invalids are created in many sanatoriums.

Which is an optimal course of treatment at the resort?
The optimal course of treatment is four weeks. But it is not realizable for everyone. Good results can be obtained in 3 weeks, this means improving the state of health for 7-12 weeks, and this is proved by impartial laboratory reserches. It is good to receive two weeks of treatment, but you can’t compare it with the result of 3-4 weeks course. One week will give you an unforgettable impressions of the resort. But you will never repeat this one week mistake.

Is it possible to treat children at the resort?
Yes, of course, accompanied by aduls. In sanatorium where pediatrists work, a child can get a full set of treatment. In sanatoriaum where there are no pediatrists ASTRA can order a primary medical examination by another sanatorium pediatrist who will prescribe necessary procedures provided by clinic or hotel where a child stays.

I didn`t find my disease in ASTRA´s catalogue „About the treatment in Czech resort“, please advise what resort to choose?
Only the main frequently occurring diseases are described in our catalogue. Please write us about your disease and local balneologists will help you to choose resort correctly and will prescribe you optimal treatment course or a combination of resorts and treatment methods.

Can I receive procedures on Czech holidays?
No, holiday is a „holy day“. You will receive it on other days of your stay at the resort.
Czech holidays:

  • the 1st of January – New Year
  • in spring – Easter
  • the 1st of May – Labour Day
  • the 8th of May – Victory Day
  • the 5th of July – Kirill‘s and Mephodyi`s Day
  • the 6th of July – Yan Gus Memory’s Day
  • the 28th of September – Saint Vatslav`s Day
  • the 28th of October – Czecia`s Independence Day
  • the 24-26th of December – Christmas Day

Can I order dietary board at the sanatorium restaurants?
You can. If you do not find on the table the dishes you get used, it may be to the good. Vegetarian board is an ordinary thing.

I would like to attend a dentist, is it possible?
It is a good choise.

Are there any unusual rejuvenate programmes?
In Karlovy Vary and other Czech resorts almost every 4* sanatorium offers beauty salon services and more complex rejuvenate programmes. This is exclusively individual, that’s why it is better to visit a specialist personally after arrival at the resort..

I would like to visit Germany or Austria during my stay at the resort, is it possible?
Certainly this is possible! You need to obtain a Schengen visa at your travel agency and don’t forget that you need to obtain a multivisa to the Czech Republic. This visas can not be obtained while you stay in the Czech Republic! You need to care about it beforehand.

What are the working hours of Czech shops?
Usually on working days they work from 9.00 till 18.00 without a break. In Prague you can do good purchases even on weekends – on Saturday and Sunday, and in spa towns the shops are opened only in spa area.

Today I go on an excurtion with ASTRA, I depart at 8.00 and return at 18.00, shall I have a time to drink some water before the supper?
Yes, of course. ASTRA shedules its excurtions taking into account a treatment regimen. The first spring Vridlo is opened from 6.00 till 18.30. The other springs are opened 24 hours for the whole year.

Can I have kosher food and visit synagogye at the resorts?
The nearest synagogue is situated 80 km far from Karlovy Vary, in the town of Plzen. This is the largest synagogue in Middle Europe! In Karlovy Vary organisation „Zidovska obet“ functions actively, the services are celebrated on the Bezrucov street, 8/1321 box 160, phone +42 353 236 058. There is no restaurants offering kosher board. But may be yet?

I want to visit the Czech Republic. Shall I be understood if I speak Russian?
Yes, Czech and Russian are slavic languages and have much in common. You will be always understood. Besides, interpreters work in Astra. They speak Russian, German, English, French and can accompany your business negotiations.

Which souvenirs can I bring from Czechia?
Traditional Bohemian glass and famous crystal Moser, china and jewellery made of Czech garnet, world famous Beherovka luqueur Beherovka and sweet Karlovy Vary`s waffles, natural cosmetics on the basis of mineral waters and salts and many other presents...To anyone’s taste!

Is there any night life at the resort?
Undoubtedly, there is.... and.... ! In night clubs you will dance and have a fun with pleasant company...

Advise me some Czech dishes which are necessary to taste in the Czech Republic?
First of you must try "knedliky" (dumplings) and stuffed sweet dumplings with fruits and whipped cream. Try fried duck or goose with aureate crust with stewed cabbage and diferent types of dumplings. Don’t forget to order „Svickova“ – baked beef in vegetable sauce with cream and dumplings. And, certainly, the royal drink from the ancient times – beer. Don’t forget „13th Spring“ and „Becherovka“!

Is it accepted to leave tips at the restaurants?
Yes. It is propriety. In average the tips are 20 crowns.

How is it cheaper to call home?
It is more cheaper to buy phone card and call from any public telephone on the street. The call from the room will be more expensive. You can save the money if you buy SIM-card from one of Czech mobile operators.

I depart  from Prague, what time is indicated at the tickets?
The local time is indicated. Within the frames of its services ASTRA can change the tickets in case of need according to your wish.

Can I prolong the term of a stay at the resort?
Unfortunately, now it is not possible, because in 2005 the Czech Republic entered EU and the rules of entrance in  the Czech Republic have changed. Visa to the CR is issued for the number of days you stay in hotel or sanatorium.

If on the departure day our plane or train departs late in the evening, is it possible to stay at the hotel till departure?
This question you can decide at the hotel with reception’s clerk. As a rule, the room must be quit till 12-00, but if you wish to stay at the room longer, you have to pay for the next day. You must remember this when you plan your vacation. Anyway, please, inform us about all the details when you send the order, and Astra will cake care of everything and will inform you about everything.

“See you in Karlovy Vary!”