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Spa treatment >> Oxygenotherapy
This method of treatment gave a good account of itself with patients with cerebral vascular diseases, chronic respiratory tract diseases, work-related lung disease and bronchial asthma. Procedure is conducted for 2 hours and is accompanied by two breaks for 5–7 minutes for physical exercises contributing to muscular work acceleration and oxygen delivery to organs and tissues. There are different points of view on this treatment method. Adherents of this method enthusiastically advertise for the positive effect of additional amount of oxygen breathing in through oxygen mask, confirming its positive influence on human memory, processes of concentration and intensifying of redox processes in cerebral cortex.
The other part of researchers indicates on harmful influence of high-concentration of pure oxygen on human organism. The parties are agreed about one thing only: This method is good for patients of elderly age, who have problems with moving with pronounced cerebral atherosclerosis. For patients who have no problems with musculoskeletal system active walks in the forest and mountains are more preferable, when the own active movements of muscular system provide necessary oxygen delivery to all the organs and tissues.