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Spa treatment >> Thermotherapy


This procedure is conducted using paraffin, parafango, mudtherapy for treatment purposes. This is the most frequently used procedure at the resort and one of the active treatment methods. Thermal exposure is the common of this procedures’ influence on human organism.
Paraffin – a product of oil distillation – is a mixture of high-molecular hydrocarbons. It has high thermal capacity and low thermal conduction. Applied on skin paraffin starts quickly cool down causing heat, and skin underneath it is under the action of high temperature for a long time. Its treatment mechanism in general is alike mud effect, but temperature factor here is more strongly expressed.



This is the mixture of paraffin and mud. This are specially made briquets which are heated in thermostat by temperature + 120° С, filled in form and after they cool down to +70-80° С, for procedure they are delivered in form of cake. Paraffin`s treatment action is intensified by biochemical properties of mud components.
As a result of applying on certain skin area the temperature is raised till + 70° С, thereby vessels are widened, local blood circulation and nutrients and oxygen inflow to area of inflammation intencifies, and therefore its quick resolution is achieved.



Therapeutic creation of nature has not only temperature effect but strong chemical-biological influence. These chemical and biological characteristics, peculiar to micro- and makroparticles, the nature has been producing for centuries. Mud biological activity is provided by biological elements: carbon, sulfur, iron, phosphorus, silicon, nitrogen. Organic acids, biologically active substances like female reproductive hormones define structure and similar characteristics of mud.
Mud therapeutic effect is based on temperature, chemical and mechanical impact. As a result of strong heat transmission to organism cerebral cortex and atrabiliary capsules centers activate and hormonal and vitamin exchanges intensify.
As a consequence of these reactions anti-imflammatory, absorbable, analgetic action appears, regenerative processes and organism protective reactions accelerate.


Exercise Therapy

This procedure is indicated by all the diseases of organs and systems. A set of special exercises and skilled instructor of exercise therapy, special training simulators, combining with treatment procedures and drinking of mineral water – all this will undoubtedly contribute to your quickest recovery. Sanatoriums, which dispose swimming-pools offer exercise therapy in water. Water factor contributes to muscular- articular system strengthening, vaslucar reactions stabilization, nervous system toning up and its further relaxation, organism protective powers activation.