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Spa treatment >> Massage
This is probably the most ancient and the simplest way of treatment. It excites and calms down depending on the depth and speed of its execution. Massage gives vivacity, stimulates and provides with energy. It releases from tension and headache, relaxes firm and painful muscles, treats insomnia, gives pleasant feelings and contributes to quick recovery. Good massage affects on all the levels. In physical relation its positive effect is in relaxation and softening of muscles, contributes to venous blood circulation, increases haemoglobin level, accelerates lymph flow, stretches intra-articular ligaments. Massage affects main metabolism as well. It releases a quantity of energy till then used for tension, and changing chronic painful reactions it causes deep reconstruction of a person’s behavior and its organs` and systems` vital functions. It must be underlined that in a number of cases contra-indications to massage are temporary. In any case the decision must taken by the doctor.

There are some types of massage – classical, segmental or reflex, aromatic and etc. 

When making a classical massage masseur affects skin, hypodermic cellular tissue, muscles using different methods and this results in aforesaid nervous connections activating.
Segmental (reflex) massage affects separate areas of human body innervated by defined nerves of spinal cord. Masseur affects the whole spinal column and nerve impulses reach all the organs located at that area of human body. In Russia this type of massage is not widespread, but it is high-effective.
When making punctate massage biologically active points on the body are displayed. Pressing on them causes endomorphines to be excreted. Their action is like the action of hormons. Depending on the technique of effect on the local point, massage can be stimulant or sedative. Punctate massage is used practically by all the disorders of muscular tonus and by mascular, articular pains when relaxation is necessary.
When making aromatic massage aromatic oils are rubbed into skin or locally. Usually rose, rosemary, lavender oil is used, each of then when is breathed in or rubbed contributes to cerebral cortex‘ relaxation and mood elevation And simultanious manual effect makes for achievement of double treatment effect. Massage methods are effective in treatment, restorative function, tiredness taking off, and mainly in diseases prophylaxis, being active means of organism recovery.