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Diadynamic currents

This is the therapy by direct currents of different frequencies. This direct currents meet with heavy resistance of epidermis (skin blanket) and, mainly, cause excitation in the form of burning and pricking feeling under electrodes, and hyperemia appearance as a result of superficial vessels dilatation and blood circulation acceleration. Diadynamic currents have pronounced analgetic action, decrease oedemas and congestion effects, improve local circulation of blood, positively affects blood circulation and lymphokinesia. The treatment results in quick healing of trophic ulcers and existing for a long time wounds. Diadynamic currents are prescribed to treat pronounced pains in spinal column, joints, muscles, neuralgia and paralysis. Electric current effect starts right away and relief comes promptly.



Using of mechanical high-frequency variations from 20 to 300 hertz. Mechanical variations of such frequencies cause in tissues complex physicochemical processes, pressure and stretching of tissues. This procedure is used extensively and with good prospects. Ultrasound has anti-inflammatory effect reached in the result of its warm, resolving and vasorelaxant effects. It has a positive influence on conjunctive tissue and therefore prevents commissure’s and scar’s formation. It is extensively used by inflammatory and senile arthropathies, abates pains in osteoarticular system and by spasms of plain muscular system of stomach, intestine, by bile-excreting tract’s motility disorder. Oedemas over joints and redness disappear, scope of movements increases. By gastrointestinal diseases digestion improves, pains relief, ulcer’s healing accelerates.



Trearment of diseases by magnetic fields, impact and direct. Patient doesn`t feel the magnetic field but it still has its therapeutic effect. Magnetic induction has a manifold influence on human organism: absorbed by neural tissue it has pronounced sedative effect: a patient calms down, emotional tension and nervousness is taken off, sleep and appetite are improved. Cardiovascular system is very sensible to magnetic field and when treating heart diseases coronary circulation improves, myocardium requirement in oxygen decreases, physical activity`s resistance of organism increases. When affecting on vessels they dilate, blood viscosity decreases, platelet`s capacity for creation of thrombus in vessels decreases, local blood circulation improves and delivery of oxygen to tissues and organs improves. All this contributes to decrease of inflammation, edema and wounds and healing of fractures.