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Spa treatment >> Hydrotherapy
From the earliest times people used water factors to reduce human sufferings. The water starts to impact at the eyeball receptors’ level and it causes a formation of positive emotions in cerebral cortex. The power of water, its temperature factors can transform negative energy into positive one in a human body. Hydropathy principle is also in giving a human body a stimulus to treatment perception and a desire for treatment. At the heart of hydropathy effect is a neuroreflex mechanism.
Human skin is a huge field sensitive to any irritation. In this case cold water is an irritant. Cold water has a tonic influence, warm water – sedative influence. If mineral water is used for procedures chemical irritation occurs because salts and gases containing in mineral water penetrate through skin.


Charcot`s douche

This is an anterchange of warm and cold water in the form of water jet supplied by pressure on a human body. Procedure has a stimulative effect on cerebrum and spinal cord, it strengthens cardiovascular system and contributes to tempering of organism and reinforcement of immunity. Charcot`s douche is prescribed mainly for cardiovascular system`s stimulation and organism`s tone raising. As a stimulative procedure it can be prescribed to treat adiposity because it improves exchange energy processes, breaks up adipose tissue and has a positive effect on loosing weight with simultaneous adding of active moving regime and low-calorie diet.



The baths are provided with tap water and mineral water. Mineral baths have a therapeutic effect not only because of temperature and mechanical factors, but because of chemical ingredients dissolved in water.


Carbonaceus baths

The baths contain carbonic acid. The baths are specially prescribed with temperature of + 34-36° С, and they are not conducted with hot water. The time of bath taking is 15–20 minutes. The water has a specific influence on skin receptors, and a carbonic acid penetrating through the skin results in changes of cardiovascular system. a Carbonic acid exhales from the water exactly when its temperature is + 34-36° С, but not higher. It lowers the frequency of heart beat, lowers blood pressure, slows down and deepens breathing. You must remember about the carbonic gas` influence on nervous system: it raises the excitability of central nervous system and has a tonic effect on cerebral cortex. Through this the mood, sleep and emotional background improve.


Dry Carbonaceus baths

This procedures are prescribed for reinforcement of carbonic gas specific influence and exclusion of a water loading effect, which is contra-indicated for some diseases in severe state.“Dry Baths“ are provided using special packets. The baths have antiseptic action, they are effective in skin changes after burn. They have a positive effect on central nervous system, take off depression, neurotic statuses, tiredness, insomnia. When influencing on vessels and capillaries the baths improve their elasticity, reinforce venous lymph flow, normalize blood arterial pressure, improve blood supply of all organs. When influencing on the blood they increase creation of red blood cells, lymphocytes, and this causes improving of a person’s immunity. Especcially with elderly people the baths increase energy potential, spare capacities of organism. There was discovered baths positive influence on hormone background: climacteric female problems are eliminated, male potency increases.


Aromatic bath

They are conducted in usual tap water with addition of aromatic substances, oils, sea and Karlovy Vary`s salts. When a patient has simultaneously a pleasant perception of water and breathes in aromatic additions, neuro-hymoral mechanisms in cerebral cortex engage. Usually any aromatic bath is conducted with the purpose of calming down, relaxation. Some additions have a positive effect on skin, improving its elasticity, cleaning pores, refreshing and improving its appearance.


Oxygen baths

The baths are artificial because in nature there are no mineral springs containing oxygen in concentration providing treatment effect. When making oxygen bath special grate is put on the bath bottom and through the hole in grate oxygen gets into the water. The grate through the tubes is centrally connected with oxygen producing unit. Oxygen partially dissolves in water and creates on skin a so-called gas cape. Skin becomes saturated with oxygen, it is suuplied through vessels and capillaries to internals and tissues and due to this the whole organism becomes saturated with oxygen. . The baths normalize blood pressure, take off the tension in cerebral cortex, elevate the mood, improve sleep, appetite and raise vitality.


Pearl baths

The same way as oxygen baths pearl baths are made only in an artificial way. The grate is put on the bottom of the bath, through the grate boosted by compressor air is brought into the water. The baths received its name because of large air bubbles shimmering in water like the pearls. Oxygen and pearl baths are endured by the patients much easier than other baths.


Vortex baths

They are used mainly locally (hand and foot baths). Eddy convection of all water masses is created using a special pump and through this massage effect is reached. Pleasant feeling of massage with skin nerve endings irritation by water results in enforcement of blood flow in extremities vessels, easing of oxygen and nutrients delivery trough enlarged extremities vessels, improving of skin nutrition and preventing from trophic ulcer formation.


Iodide-bromine bath

The baths with addition of calming components contribute to calming down, relaxation of central nervous system and result in reducing of nervousness, excitability and improving of sleep.


Underwater massage

This hydropathic procedure combines general bath`s effect and effect of water sheet directed under water at the massaged areas. When procedure is conducted with mineral water therapeutic effect is supplemented with chemical factor.
At the heart of mechanism of underwater massage effect is temperature and mechanical irritation.
When simultaneously warm bath and massage stream affect on patient marked reddening of patient`s skin appears connected with considerable redistribution of blood, improving of circulation of the blood and lymphokinesia, tissues nutrition, faster dissolving of inflammatory center.