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Medical treatment >> Spa treatment

Spa treatment includes

  • Primary medical examination.
  • Check medical examination.
  • Final medical examination.
  • Check blood and urine analysis. The necessity of further examinations is defined by the doctor according to the indications.
  • Prescribing procedures, diet, water treatment course.
  • Procedures are conducted during the week mainly in quantity of 2-3 procedures per day. On weekends treatment is not provided, but some sanatoriums offer their guests procedures on Saturday also.
  • You can buy additional procedures at your sanatorium or spa houses (polyclinics) so-called Lazne. There you can buy any procedures including medical examination and for ambulant patients.

What does spa treatment set include?

We offer some choices for Your option:

1. Full Board and treatment

  • accommodation at the hotel, sanatorium of your choice
  • tree meals daily (breakfast, dinner and supper)
  • treatment (complex of procedures offered in this sanatorium according to the doctor`s advice)
  • transfer at both ends

2. Half Board and treatment
  • accommodation at the hotel, sanatorium of your choice
  • two meals daily (breakfast, dinner or supper)
  • treatment
  • transfer at both ends

3. Accommodation at pension, private apartment with breakfast and ambulant therapy

  • treatment is ordered at sanatorium or clinic separately
  • transfer at both ends
4. Accommodation at pension, private apartment only without ambulant therapy
  • transfer at both ends

To be precise, in spa season we can differ main season popular in a larger extent, off-season time and winter season marked by the lowest prices. It is better to order the treatment in Astra company in 1,5-2 months beforehand, but if you come to us in some days beforehand we will do our best to find acceptable variant for you.