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Mode of motion at the resort

During your stay at the resort it is very useful to work out a habit to walk for 1,5-2 hours everyday. Regular daily walks contribute to cardiovascular and respiratory system strengthening, digestion improvement and moderate metabolism improvement. Evening walks especially useful for patients with somnipathy. After a walk full relaxation in cerebral cortex comes and a quiet long sleep ensues.

Czech forests are given by God corner of appeasement and health. Fresh air and gradation of all tinctures of green and in autumn of yellow- purpureal foliage colours – all this remarkably relaxes nervous system makes us enjoy beauty and appreciate every minute anew. In spa forests hiking routs have been specially developed.

Board and Dietary Board at the resort

One of the main principles of digestive tract and other diseases spa treatment is dietary board. In any sanatorium you will offered some dietary menus at your option. There are some distinctive features of Czech cuisine: addition of vegetable oil, many grass and extract admixtures makes the courses uncommon and unusual for the guests. Boiled pork and burning spinach have their own unique taste and are not injurious to health with your diseases. The pork in Czechia is not greasy and is considered to be a dietary course. And moderate use in restaurants of Czech national courses, such as knedliki with pork, fried pork ribs, boiled knee with sour crout, will allow you to taste and estimate its picturesque and to enjoy the acquaintance with Czech national cuisine. Increased quantity of cellulose in daily patient’s ration is matter of no little significance in modern approach to recovery. Any sanatorium or hotel board will offer you minimum 3-4 types of salad, fresh vegetables and fruits. But dietology (science about the meal) trends call upon increasing of fruits, vegetables and salad intake in a greater extent. Markets and fairs in Karlovy Vary in any season offer a wide choice of fruits and vegetables, from the most widespread to exotic. That is why we advice you to buy fruits in additional amount.

When you take mineral water you must not stop or limit intake of usual water in average amount of 1,5 liters daily. If a patient will drink 1 liter of Karlovy Vary’s mineral water daily during 3 weeks, he will get 130-140 grams of mineral salts. Visually it can be presented in the following way: imagine a pill of aspirin in amount of 0,5 grams, and now put the quantity of taken mineral salts in those pills. It looks like You take 13 pills of pressed mineral salt daily and that is certainly quite enough.