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The human being is given a great mechanism of its organism protection. Until a pubescence period the nutrition received becomes a construction material of musculoskeletal system, internal organs growth and all signal systems developing. Having strong protection in the form of protective and cleaning systems organism successfully copes with the task set and doesn’t need additional outside interference.

After the period of the body construction nutrition doesn’t play the initial part. Now organism only supports with incoming nutrients its different functions. In this period a person should remember that quantity and quality of food eaten must correspond with his individual needs, particular features of his practical activity and his health state.

But a person doesn’t control the laws of nature, doesn’t think and remains faithful to himself adhering to the principle “To live in order to live”. Organism can not manage with surplus of nutrients and can not completely and qualitatively overwork and move out food remains because cellular system of the body starts wearing down gradually. Self-cleaning system loaded by useless and even harmful for the body incoming xenobiotics starts fail in functioning. Organism goes along the direct road to the senescence process starting from the age of 25-30 years. It is naturally that organism self-cleaning continues but at lower level of quality. The first thing which is affected by pollution is a large bowel. Scum appears on the large bowel paries through incorrect surplus nutrition.

Simultaneously in large bowel putrefaction and fermentation processes develop.

Toxic substances, appearing in the result of this processes, together with water get into the bloodstream and cause intestinal autointoxication, which is the main obstacle in achievement of macrobiosis. Autointoxication can be strengthened by confining way of living, nutrition by meat food mainly, lack of vegetables, greenery, fruits, nerve- emotional overloads, frequent stress.
Besides, toxic wastes easily penetrate into abdominal space through thin (1-2 mm) walls of large bowel, intoxicating liver, kidneys, genital organs and etc.
The first sign of putrefaction processes is unclean skin, its unfresh sere view or empyesis. Appearance of groundless headaches, low spirits, anxiety state, nervosism and even aggression – this is intoxicated large bowel influence on nervous system. Rachialgia, arthralgia, appearance of different diseases: inflammation of intestinal tract, liver, intestinal dysbacteriosis – this is revenge of Nature for incorrect meal. Finally as a result of body autointoxication immune system suffers.

We speed up our physiological ageing and wearing down of organism. Our creator – the Nature – is provided with valuable pharmacological basis in the form of worm mineral water springs, mud components will help in health recovery – it is an opportunity to return youth, the serenity of mind, happiness and long life!